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Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap, also known as stretch film, is made of highly stretchable material which has an elastic recovery that allows for tighter binding of certain items. While it is popular in binding platforms of loads, it can also be used to bind smaller items as well.

Stretch Wrap can be used for more efficient handling, as well as storage of big loads. It also prevents dust and moisture from interfering with your materials.

There are two types of films available-

Cast Film is made when the resin is melted & extruded through a horizontal flat die and onto a “chill” roll. There is increased machine direction tensile strength and increase “cross direction’ tear strength. The gauge profile is also easier to maintain than blown films. There is generally greater clarity to the film. What this means to the end user is the film generally runs faster & more efficiently through equipment. Most cast films can also hold your load tighter. They also run more quietly when pulled from the roll.

Blown Film is made when resin is melted & extruded forced (blown) upward through circular die. Air inside the cylinder forms a bubble rising 30 to 50 feet & is cooled by air. It is then flattened & slit into the rolls. Blown film is generally “softer” thereby yielding greater stretch and better corner tear resistance. It tends to be cloudier but modern methods have cleared much of this up. It is also much tackier than cast but the downside is that it is also much noisier coming off of the roll. Blown films usually have better cling in cold applications.